God’s peace (cont.)

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

This would probably be considered one of my life verses. It makes me laugh when people I know comment on my attitude. A close friend once told me that I was like Mary Poppins, that I seamed oblivious to the trials in my life. She asked me how I stay in such good spirits? Of course like others I immediately thought of my grumpy and sinful side and wondered why she would even have thought such a thing, let alone ask me???? Then one day my mom said a very similar thing to me. She said I was clearly a different person than I was as a child growing up, and asked how I can handle such difficult trials with Joy?
As I thought back on my life, I can see where these comments were right. As a young person growing up I was often shattered in pieces by the weight of my life. I remember being often depressed as a teenager growing up. Then one day I met Christ.
I was 18 when I finally got saved, and had just started my senior year of high school. I had already for the most part changed completely on the outside. I had been attending my church for over a year and was already very involved and active, but inside I was struggling. Then one day on August the 15 of 2005, I decided to let it all go and lay it at the feet of Jesus… By that day I was truly broken.. I knew He was my only hope, so I gave it all to Him, I accepted His gift of His blood to cover my sin, and became a new creature.
He didnt change all the outward circumstances in my life, though my life was filled with many blessings, I still faced many hard things. The hardest being the death of my younger brother whom was truly my best friend. I was even shocked by the comfort God gave me in this time… I know the old me would have plummeted into despair and probably wouldn’t have been able to go on. But God gave me a peace that really did pass all understanding and I was able to continue not only living my life, but enjoying it as well.
Then when I almost lost my husband, I was really taken aback… How would I have come out on the other side? God uses these trials to truly mold is and make us stronger! I get so overwhelmed when I think of the peace and the joy He gives me! What a wonderful Savior we have!