What’s New in my New Year?

Well, go me for slacking off again with my posts! I’m really wanting to get more consistent with my posts, it’s just hard to find the time (or make the time) when there is so much life happening everyday! As promised though, I wanted to share some of my New Years Goals with you.

This last month or so, I have been thinking a lot about goals and New Years Resolutions. The last few years I didn’t even make any resolutions… To be honest, I really just didn’t have the motivation to set a goal, and I didn’t feel like I would even be successful if I did. I struggled… My mindset really was poor toward New Years Resolutions, and I felt it was a silly thing to do simply because nobody seemed to stick to them.

This year however is different. I’ve really been changing a lot this year, and with the lifestyle changes I have made so far, I have been encouraged to make some more changes and set some more goals… I guess I can say, it is because I have seen myself be successful with change in the last few months, and that had motivated me to push myself a little farther.

My biggest goal for this year would probably be the goal of planning. I’ve always been the type of person who just sort of let’s life happen… I’ve not been one for really staying on top of life or making any real progress simply because I do not put much thought toward the future. Don’t get me wrong, I do have some future thoughts, but really preparing beforehand, I’m not very good at. So my number one goal this year is to live each day more intentional, to plan ahead so that I can be more successful in other areas of my life.

A goal is simply a wish if there isn’t a plan set on how to achieve that goal… So I have been trying to set daily plans in order to achieve this goal. One thing I’m wanting to do this year is establish a home routine/schedule, so that I can make sure I give attention to each area of life. With this routine, my plan is to designate one day a week to focus on planning and paperwork. I’m going to call this my “office day” and will do things like home school planning, meal planning, schedule overveiw, filing papers, updating finances, etc…

Aside from learning to manage my time better through planning and forethought, I’m also wanting to organize our life a little more. My goal is to try to organize every area of our home. I know this seems like a very high goal, and it probably is, but I’ve learned this year that it’s better to aim high, excepting the fact that you may not reach the very top, but that you will reach more than you would have if you had set a lower goal. I have learned this in the area of exercise; a few weeks back I was talking with my midwife about exercise and she said this to me, “plan to do it everyday, don’t just say I’ll do it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or something like that because life will always happen, and something will come up. If you plan to do it daily, you are more likely to actually do it regularly.” I took her advice and have now been on a successful exercise routine of 5-7 days a week since at least October, and it has taught me so much! So yes, I am starting to set myself high goals now.

A few things I have started in order to help me achieve this 2nd goal are as followed: First of all, I joined a challenge online. It’s on a Facebook Page called “Mary Organizes” where we are doing a 13 week challenge to organize your home. The 2nd think I’m doing is trying to write out a list of all the areas in our home that I’ve not yet organized, or that need some organizing. Also, the first goal and 2nd goal are connected to each other, and the office day will also serve a purpose in helping keep our paperwork organized, and also will help cut down on food clutter because I should be able to know what I have on hand on a regular basis and only buy what I need for the time between shopping.

My 3rd goal is to continue with my health routine I’m on. I’m sure things will change up a bit with the eb and flow of life, but I mainly want to work on staying active and eating right. I’d like to lose some weight this year, but I haven’t set any sort of goal as far as that goes. I’m more focusing on doing the work and continuing to change my lifestyle. I know I will be having a baby soon and I will be breastfeeding. So right now I’m focusing on keeping my weight gain down so that I don’t have more to try to work off afterwards. (I struggle to keep a good milk supply, so that makes weightloss challenging.)

Here is a overveiw of the ways I have changed this year healthwise. First of all, I started the year doing the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. This plan has really opened my eyes to real nutrition. I lost all of my baby weight from my last pregnancy plus 20 more lbs before getting pregnant again this time. I’m not currently plan 100% and I’ve really not been doing well focusing on it. After I got pregnant I was really sick and tired and I gained about 8lbs right away in the first trimester. A friend of mine was a blessing and gave me a fitbit tracker and during my 2nd trimester I started using it daily to keep track of my activity level. I set a high goal of 12,000 steps a day and pretty much hit it everyday until about mid December. From 2nd to 3rd trimester I put on another 6lbs or so bringing my total to about 14lbs. Once I hit 3rd trimester I realized that it was getting harder to hit my goal, and I knew I needed to focus on my diet more. Since then I have done a low sugar challenge and a low carb challenge, which both gave a boost in my weight management and have also taught me more about hidden sugars and unhealthy carbs. I’m now up to right about 16-17lbs and have about 6-7 more weeks left in my pregnancy. I workout everyday except Sunday. I aim for at least one mile on my treadmill and I’m trying to add in some strength training workouts as well.

I have 2 other smaller goals that are sort of included in the other ones, but important enough to mention separately. The first is to do better on finances. To start keeping better track of our finances and learn to save more money. The 2nd goal is to get a homeschooling plan for next year.

I want to end this post with a reference to a vlog I watched. I’ll try to add the link as soon as I can. The vlog was a YouTube Video I watched a few weeks ago by a lady named Andrea Mills. The video stated that “anything worth doing is worth doing routinely.” This thought has really changed my perspective on life. See, many times people mention routines as something you just do simply because it’s in your routine. They basically imply that that thing doesn’t hold value to you because you just do it out of habit or routine… For example, you often hear preachers talk of how we should get out of our routines and not just go to church just in habit. I understand why they say that, because routines do often become mindless habits that we simply just do, but truthfully when you establish a routine you are saying that “this things is so important to me that it is worth doing over and over again.” So rather than de-emphasizing it, your actually placing more value on it because your willing to give it regular attention.

The other thought is that our routines make up who we really are. You can say you enjoy doing something or that you have a certain hobby or skill, but if it isn’t apart of your regular routine, it really isn’t apart of who you are. This thought hit home. See growing up I loved music, I lived for music. I was involved in music in multiple ways from kindergarten all the way to graduating college. After I got married, that area of my life took the back burner. I have struggled so much with that too. I realized that I don’t really play piano andymore, and I don’t sing anymore and that I’m no longer a musician. Wow! I was crushed by this thought because deep down the love and passion is still there! I almost feel cheated sometimes, like life stole my dreams away. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with my life as it is, but I long to do those things again everyday…

Then it hit me…

It really depends on me… I’m the one who chose to set those things aside. It’s not the fact that I’m not performing or the fact that I’m not involved in music that makes the difference between today and my past… To be honest, I’ve had many opportunities present them self over the past few years that I had to turn down simply because I wasn’t prepared or qualified to do the work… I was no longer qualified because I was no longer routinely practicing and putting time into music. Music is not something your just gifted with, it’s something your work toward everyday…

So my final goal this year is to begin playing the piano again. I’m easing into it, I’ve set myself a goal of 2 hours a week, which seems to be a good goal for me  for a while. On top of me practicing, I’m also teaching my daughter to play as well. We are motivating each other by competing with our practice time 🙂 I’m excited to see how this brings us closer together and I’m excited to see what God will do with this hobby we have started. To Him be all the glory!


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