Happy New year 2017!

2016 really was a great year. When I look back on all that happened this past year, all I can really say is that I have been so blessed and I AM so blessed! God is so good to me and to my family! I could not praise Him enough for His mighty working and power in my life. God is so good!

I’ll start this post with another little update on the past year since I neglected writing so much! 

The summer of 2016 was FULL! It started out with 2 back to back trips to Colorado, the first being the one I explained a little in my last post where we had fun visiting family and just basically relaxing and enjoying ourselves. (There were many good moments on that trip within all the stressful ones!) We got to celebrate Alexander’s first birthday with my family which was extra special! This was the first birthday of our kids that we have been able to spend with them, so that was fun! 

The second trip to Colorado was a Missions trip we were blessed to be able to lead. I’m not sure if I have posted a lot about what it is that my husband and I do, so I’ll share a little of that now. My husband is the Sunday School teacher for the adult Deaf class at our church. We both also help with interpreting for services and many other church related events. 

 This time last year, God laid on my husband’s heart the desire to take the adult deaf group on a Missions trip. In January we met a man at the Home Missions Conference in OKC named Dean Francini. He is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) who was lead by God to plant a deaf church in Colorado Springs. They planted their church in November of 2015. 

Just 2 weeks after our family vacation to Colorado, we set about to help this baby church. It was a fun and full week of serving and blessings! We stayed in a very nice hotel while helping this church with door knocking, visiting, nursery help, and many other things. It was so much fun and we learned and grew a lot as a group. 

While on this trip to Colorado we learned of another exciting blessing in our life!!! While out shopping for meals one afternoon I decided to make a quick stop at the dollar tree to try and figure out why I hadn’t cycled for almost 2 months. My cycles became somewhat irregular after Joshua’s birth, and it has been taking longer than before for me to know what is going on. I had tested a few times the week before the trip but they were negative. Well while out on this particular outing we learned that we were going to have baby Athey number 5 in early 2017! I am due March the 10th, but should meet the little bean sometime before that due to some health problems I developed in my last pregnancy. At this point we believe baby Athey number 5 is yet another boy, but have another Ultrasound in a few weeks to confirm. 

We began the summer with the 2 trips, then had some time at home of which I spent somewhat tired and somewhat sick… Then we ended the summer with a random unexpected trip to Tennessee where we were able to visit 2 other Deaf ministries. The first stop was a Church and College called Sword Deaf Church and College founded by Fred Adams. Fred Adams is a deaf man who is the sending Pastor of Dean Francini. He came out to our church after our visit to Colorado to meet up with our class. While on his trip we hit it off and he offered to help us get started in Ministry if the Lord led, so we went on the trip to familiarize ourselves with his work.

 While trying to research more about his ministry we were able to get in contact with a man named Jon Barr who was apart of a ministry called Silent Word Ministries. He also was interested in our family and invited us to attend their annual Missionary Retreat which just happened to be less than 2 hours away from Sword Deaf Church. We had a great time with both of these ministries, but did return home to continue in the work we were doing. I would not say that the future does not hold plans of us working with either of them, but we did feel God’s peace in where we were for the time while we continue to seek the Lord for His specific plans for our future. 

The last few months our family has been busy with normal life of Homeschooling and Ministry. Our life is, and continues to be very FULL and very BLESSED! Again, as I look back on 2016, all I can think to do is to just praise the Lord for His goodness to our family and for His blessings in our lives!!! 

My next post hopefully will be soon with what my goals and plans are for 2017! I look forward to sharing with you soon!!!


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