A lesson I learned about God’s very personal working in my life.

I wanted to share this testimony so that I will never forget. God did a very personal work in my life a few months back that made me realize that He truly does want to work very personally in our lives. Well here goes:
I gave birth to a healthy baby boy back in June. Shortly after his birth I started noticing some abnormal coloring in his stools… they were constantly a dark green color and full of muccous. I knew from having breastfed all 3 of my other children that this was not normal… so I went about searching the Internet and talking to our pediatrician about it. Her advice, as well as what I read online said it was most likely an allergy to cows milk… so I said goodbye to dairy 😦
About a month after that I started a diet called Trim Healthy Mama, with all of these new diet changes I dropped to almost 35lbs below my prepregnancy weight within the first 6 months of his life… well not only was I dropping weight, so was he. I decided to stop trying to lose and focus on getting him to gain weight. I thought maybe my milk supply was low, or that it wasn’t having enough fat for him to gain. He also refused to nurse ALOT. I started trying to pump and bottle feed some and he would still often refuse the milk that way. I also discovered that he was not draining my milk completely, and would leave a few ounces in there after feeding. So we went about searching for more answers. I saw a lactation consultant who diagnosed him with having a tongue tie and advised that we get it clipped by an ENT so that he could nurse more efficiently. We had him clipped at the end of January. (From Dec until then he lost 3 ounces even with me not dieting and trying to feed him often) during the recovery week, I tried to nurse as much as he would, which wasn’t very often or very long… I pumped and bottle fed on top of that… I also decided to try introducing solid food to see if that would help.
Then in the middle of February we went away for 24 hours on a marriage retreat. Alex stayed with a sitter and drank bottles the whole time. (He did great on just bottles) When we returned, all of our children were sick with strep throat except Alex, but he had an ear infection. He refused to nurse more, so I started offering bottles most of the time and pumping my milk for him. Fast forward 2 weeks later and he was still refusing to nurse… I was freaking out because I did not want to keep pumping around the clock… I was exhausted!!! I felt like I had no choice but to put him on formula because we were having so many issues from birth… so for a week or so I got so discouraged. I finally decided that I really needed to seek the Lord about this issue. (Why this was my last choice, I don’t know, simply human nature to try to figure it out on my own) So I stepped away from my Facebook account, and sought about praying and seeking the Lord for answers.
He gave me VERY practical answers!!! It was so clear and exact that I knew it was from the Lord! I’m still in awe of how He answered me! He gave me this schedule:
Wake up and nurse,
Pump for 20 minutes after he nurses
Feed him breakfast with us (whatever he wants to eat)
Nurse before his morning nap (if he refuses I’ll pump this one too)
Feed him lunch (whatever he wants to eat)
Nurse before his afternoon nap
Pump about 4pm
Feed bottle when he wakes about 5ish
Feed him supper with us (whatever he wants to eat)
Nurse before bed
Pump before I go to bed, or sometimes I’ll just wake him in the middle of the night to sneak an extra feeding in.
And the best part- I’m still able to nurse him! Plus he is getting all breastmilk still! (Well and solid food)
I am at peace about it too, and I haven even weighed him in over a month because I’m just not worried anymore. I know this routine was from the Lord, therefore I know by doing it that he is getting just what he needs! It amazes me the peace He has given me.
I hope this testimony has encouraged you, that no matter how insignificant your struggle seems to be to you, that God understands and wants to actively work in your life!!! Trust Him and seek Him! He will bless!


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