Lend to the Lord, He will repay.

“He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.” Proverbs 19:17
Somehow in all my years of Bible reading, which included reading the Proverbs at least 20 times, I have never noticed this verse before. Isn’t it interesting how God’s word really is “new every morning”? God is so good.

Wow! When we give to the poor we are really lending it to God. Now I have been taught that it is wrong to lend out and expect a return. Especially when dealing with family, but this verse is talking about lending to God. Isn’t this interesting?  Why does God want or need us to lend stuff to Him??? He owns the Cattle on a thousand hills right???

I honestly don’t think this verse was put in here to mean that God needs or wants us to lend him a favor. This verse is for us. Why? It’s because we are greedy, we were all born with a sinful nature that simply put is greedy!!! We are selfish and do not like to give. Sure we pass on our leftovers of which we don’t value anymore, but is that really what God wants us to do??? Do we want God to simply repay us with leftovers? I don’t think I do! I would much rather have God’s best blessing!!!
Lord, help me to learn to give sacrificially. Help me to lay aside the worry of waisted goods. Help me to search my heart and know if I’m really holding back because of that or simply because of selfishness. Give me a giving spirit, one that desires to give above what one could ask or think like you have given to me in my life. I love you! In Jesus name, Amen.


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