Give Your Weights to God

“A just weight and balance are the LORD’S: and all the weights of the bag are his work.” Proverbs 16:11
I honestly have never noticed this verse in any of my previous Bible readings. This is odd for me since I have been in the habit of reading Proverbs almost daily for a long time. Isn’t God’s word amazing???? It really is new every morning just for us.
One thing I am learning about the Lord is that he loves order, moderation and a good balance in almost all things. God does not desire for us to over burden ourselves with the weight of life. If we are feeling overburdened with life, it is good to step back and examine if there is something in our life that God does not desire to be there.
Are you feeling over burdened and heavy laden??? If so, why? Jesus tells us that when we feel this way we should go to Him and He will give us rest. Let me tell you something! He really does! Why is that? Well it’s because God takes our load! He said that all these weights in our life belong to Him. We were never meant to carry them all on our own.
So friend, if your feeling overburdened in life, do these 2 things. First consider the load, is it right and balanced, or have you overburdened yourself with unnecessary things? If you are sure your on God’s path, then simply turn those weights back to Him. Run to Him! He promises to carry the load and give you much needed rest.


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