She Looketh Well to the Ways of her Household.

“She looketh well to the Ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:27
Smack!!! This verse sure hit straight home this morning. To be totally honest, I struggle with this so much. Sure on the outside we may seem over cautious when it comes to protecting our family from the world. Yes my daughter dresses modestly from neck to mid calf, and sure we don’t have a TV, and of course we don’t send our kids out to do just anything, but the truth is, I am not where I want to be.
Ok let’s back up a bit and look at what this verse is saying… first of all, who is it talking about?? Who is SHE? She is a virtuous woman, a woman that I am striving to be, she is who I want me to be!!!
What is she doing??? She’s looking well, not just glancing over and saying, ok sure we are doing good, but she is examining, and searching for where she can do better.
What is it that she is looking well to??? The ways of her household. Not her house as in the things in her house or the stuff that she does in it, but her household. That is the people within her house, her husband and her children. (And anyone else they happen to let in)
She is is examining and searching out their ways, as in the path they are headed. She’s not just glancing to them and saying they are doing good, but she is looking deep to every aspect of their life. Clothing? Are we dressing right? Entertainment? Are we allowing too much? Diet? Are we taking care of this temple God gave us? Cleanliness? How’s it going? Ok let’s get deaper… how’s their heart? Do they love God, or are they just following your faithful practices? How about attitudes? Are we letting things slide?
As a mom it’s important for us to not only examine our own spiritual life, but also that of our children’s so that we can see where we are lacking in teaching and training.
So as this hit me today, I ask, how are you doing??? Lord, help us to look well and consider the paths our lives are taking us and that of our family’s.


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