Well I’ve been working on my decluttering the past few days and we have now filled 6 boxes of stuff to give away. I wanted to try to do before and after pictures of everything so that I can better encourage my readers, but my phone also crashed this past week, and wasn’t working properly before that. The work still needed to be done so I kept at it without taking pictures and posting. I’ll try to post some from here on out.


Here’s a snapshot of boxes!!! Inside the open box is about 8 unused collapsed boxes ready for me to fill today!
I will share what I have gone through and what my goals are today.
I started my project in my linen closet and my children’s closet. (They have a small Tupperware drawer thing in there) I completely emptied out the drawer thing which before held all my boy blankets and baby carriers. I also downsized to about half my baby blankets in my linen closet. (I boxed up 2 boxes of blankets to give away) I then cleared another drawer in my linen closet by clearing out cosmetics that we don’t use, and moved the remaining boy blankets and carriers into it. I will update with pictures soon. I then put all of my cloth diapers into the plastic Tupperware drawer thing. This cleared out one drawer out of my daughter’s dresser that will be used to house our new baby’s clothes.
Then yesterday I went through my own closet and drawers and boxed up a box of my clothes to give away.
Last night we went through my children’s toys and boxed up two boxes of toys to give away. So that is what we have accomplished so far.

My next goal is a big one. I want to go through and organize my garage. (Which is freezing lol) Today I plan to stick a space heater down there and warm it up. Then grab the littles and dive in! I will divide the garage in half. I will fill the half closest to the outside door with everything that goes. And the side farthest from the door will house what we are keeping. (We will organize how it will stay later on)
I am hoping to get rid of a lot of what is in our garage. It is our storage right now, and stores a lot of unused items.
My other goal for today is to go through my children’s drawers, so that they aren’t so stuffed full!
I hope your enjoying my posts, and I’ll end with a current pic of my disaster garage! Pray for me!




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