El Shadday-Almighty God

My husband and I have been doing our devotions together for the past few days. This decision we made after we both expressed the desire to do better in this area. We decided that we would study the names of God together. El Shadday was the first name we decided to look at.

In this study we learned that ultimately the word Shadday means ‘almighty’ and El is in reference to the Supreme Being-God. While looking a little further we learned that Shadday was made up from the word ‘shad’ which means breast. So Shadday also means breasted. God is also compared to a breastfeeding mother. He is the life and strength giver. He is the sustained and satisfier. We are like helpless babes dependent fully upon Him to provide all the needs of our life.

As a mom who loves nursing and spends a great deal of time doing it, this thought was very interesting to me!!! What does nursing have to do with the word “almighty”? When I thought on this I couldn’t help but see my helplessness without God. Where would my baby be if I didn’t take on the role of nurturer for them? Wow! So many thoughts!

So next time you nurse your sweet babe, think about your own El Shadday and praise Him for His power and working in your life.


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