Well I’ve been working on my decluttering the past few days and we have now filled 6 boxes of stuff to give away. I wanted to try to do before and after pictures of everything so that I can better encourage my readers, but my phone also crashed this past week, and wasn’t working properly before that. The work still needed to be done so I kept at it without taking pictures and posting. I’ll try to post some from here on out.


Here’s a snapshot of boxes!!! Inside the open box is about 8 unused collapsed boxes ready for me to fill today!
I will share what I have gone through and what my goals are today.
I started my project in my linen closet and my children’s closet. (They have a small Tupperware drawer thing in there) I completely emptied out the drawer thing which before held all my boy blankets and baby carriers. I also downsized to about half my baby blankets in my linen closet. (I boxed up 2 boxes of blankets to give away) I then cleared another drawer in my linen closet by clearing out cosmetics that we don’t use, and moved the remaining boy blankets and carriers into it. I will update with pictures soon. I then put all of my cloth diapers into the plastic Tupperware drawer thing. This cleared out one drawer out of my daughter’s dresser that will be used to house our new baby’s clothes.
Then yesterday I went through my own closet and drawers and boxed up a box of my clothes to give away.
Last night we went through my children’s toys and boxed up two boxes of toys to give away. So that is what we have accomplished so far.

My next goal is a big one. I want to go through and organize my garage. (Which is freezing lol) Today I plan to stick a space heater down there and warm it up. Then grab the littles and dive in! I will divide the garage in half. I will fill the half closest to the outside door with everything that goes. And the side farthest from the door will house what we are keeping. (We will organize how it will stay later on)
I am hoping to get rid of a lot of what is in our garage. It is our storage right now, and stores a lot of unused items.
My other goal for today is to go through my children’s drawers, so that they aren’t so stuffed full!
I hope your enjoying my posts, and I’ll end with a current pic of my disaster garage! Pray for me!




El Shadday-Almighty God

My husband and I have been doing our devotions together for the past few days. This decision we made after we both expressed the desire to do better in this area. We decided that we would study the names of God together. El Shadday was the first name we decided to look at.

In this study we learned that ultimately the word Shadday means ‘almighty’ and El is in reference to the Supreme Being-God. While looking a little further we learned that Shadday was made up from the word ‘shad’ which means breast. So Shadday also means breasted. God is also compared to a breastfeeding mother. He is the life and strength giver. He is the sustained and satisfier. We are like helpless babes dependent fully upon Him to provide all the needs of our life.

As a mom who loves nursing and spends a great deal of time doing it, this thought was very interesting to me!!! What does nursing have to do with the word “almighty”? When I thought on this I couldn’t help but see my helplessness without God. Where would my baby be if I didn’t take on the role of nurturer for them? Wow! So many thoughts!

So next time you nurse your sweet babe, think about your own El Shadday and praise Him for His power and working in your life.

Happy New Year!!!

I decided what my New Years Resolution will be. This year, aside from having a closer walk with The Lord, I am aspiring to finally have a completely organized and decluttered house. (Shooting for the stars I know, but hey, maybe I’ll reach the clouds right?)
With baby number 4 due in June, we begin the project of fitting 6 people in our 2 bedroom house. (Hey at least 4 of us are less than half the size of the average adult, right?) So with that project in mind, I have been feeling the need for much less stuff than we have. I’m desperate to make life a little more manageable.
We recently combined all three of our current children into one room. (They all already shared all the storage space in that room as far as where all toys and clothes were kept.) we have a nice set up that includes 2 dressers, a small plastic Tupperware drawer tower(where I now store all the cloth diapers), one large toy box, a toddler bed, a standard size crib and a mini size crib. (Who knows, maybe by next year we will try fitting a 4th bed in there, or promote to bunk beds…)
I will try to update this blog with current pictures of how it is all set up.
Here is a list of areas in their room that still need work.
1. Charity’s dresser still needs downsized a bit. Since she’s has never had to share, she has collected quite a bit over the years. Last night I successfully cleared out one full drawer for baby, which probably is enough to start out with, but my goal is to par down a little more because her remaining two drawers are packed full! (My overall goal is one drawer per young child and two per older child, but the need hasn’t arrived yet, so for now it will be 1.5 drawers per kiddo 🙂 since we have 6 total drawers between the two dressers.)
2. The toys!!!! Our current setup is that no toys are stored outside the closet, except a small basket of baby toys that I keep in my room for when we have a co sleeping baby I there. Sadly, the toys have taken over the closet tho… We have smaller toys stored in small bins in the top of the closet and larger toys stored in the bottom. This is a nice set up, but is hard to keep up with sometimes, plus I am trying to warp my laundry system, and would like to use the top shelf to store each child’s laundry basket. So some major downsizing needs to be done with the toy situation…
Other than those 2 things, the kids room really isn’t all that bad. The closet has plenty of room to store a 4th child’s hanging clothes (and maybe even a 5th). Since we were blessed with larger closets.
I also have a little book nook in my dining room that I store all of our children’s books and school supplies. It also desperately needs attention, as it’s very out in the open and awfully cluttered!
Our closet could also use some attention, bc I’m certain that we probably own too much since it is completely full… Plus I would like to organize the items we store in it, which currently are our musical instruments and my sewing and craft stuff.
I would like to downsize some of my clothing bc I’ve collected a little more since the last time, and my drawers are packed again.
I would like to re-clear out our coat closet, and maybe downsize some of our board games. (We are somewhat of a board game junkie… We have collected way more that we actually have time to play!!!)
Our linen closet could use a little more attention.
My appliance cabinet needs attention.
To list the largest and most daunting project last… The garage… It needs serious attention…
So that is my 2015 project!!! There still are boxes in my garage that I know I’ve barely touched since we got married… My goal is to become purposeful in my living. I’d like to know exactly what we own and exactly where everything is stored and easily able to access it when I need it.
Another project is that I’d like to redo my storage setup for unused children’s clothing. I currently have them stored in very large tubs… This has gotten to hard to keep up with as they are to large for me to be handling on a regular basis. I would like to change that to smaller size tubs and store each size individually, and have some sort of shelf system in place so they are easier to get out and put away.
I hope this post has been somewhat inspiring and encouraging to readers. Thanks!