God’s Answer to Prayer!

Yesterday was a rather rough day to say the least. Our home was filled with tired, run down children with lots of discipline issues! Then I showed up 15 minutes late to the church for nursery. Totally didn’t look good! The night was a rather busy one, and that 2 hours flew by! We has 22 children ages 3 and under in one small room. As you can imagine, there were discipline issues there as well. I went home with one thought in my mind! “I cannot wait for my morning cup of coffee!”
I have made it a habit since my pre college days to try to start everyday with a good 30 mins of quiet time with just me, my bible, a good devotional and a yummy cup of coffee! It’s become my sanity!!!
As you can imagine, after a day like that, I slept like a rock! I slept hard and sound until my alarm went off! (Minus the few mins it took for me to grab the baby out of his bed and nurse him and return him sometime around 3 am)
When I awoke, I put a pot of coffee on, and hopped in the shower. Then after getting dressed, I went back to the kitchen to prepare my beloved coffee. As I was doctoring up my joe, my sweet 3 year old daughter (whom was the center of our discipline issues the day before) comes walking into the kitchen. We have established a rule in our home that prior to 8 am is quiet time, and no children are supposed to come out of their beds. So of course I reminded her of this.
She bucked…
She told me, “mom, but I am hungry”
I responded with, ” we will eat breakfast in just a little bit, but for now I need you to go back to your bed and wait for mommy to come.”
She again refused…
That began a 30 minute battle to which I of course won in the end.
I knew they were not going to go back to sleep, but I desperately needed my moment. Especially after a day like I had yesterday. So I went out on the porch to drown out the sound of 3 crying children. I gulped down the remainder of my cold cup of coffee, opened my Bible, read a quick few verses and prayed. My prayer was quick, but heartfelt, as I asked The Lord to help me with the day!
And He did!
The day turned out to be a day of joy and renewal! We decided to start school! I’ve been contemplating it for weeks and felt God saying that today was the day! So I jumped right in without a plan! God really blessed and it excited our hearts! So excited for our new endeavor!!!


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