Hubby’s challenge day 1

So this morning my hubby and I got to talking and he told me he would like me to give up Facebook for a little while. He made this personal decision a few weeks ago because he is starting school and will be very busy. He did not want anything stealing his time away from what is most important to him. He expressed to me this morning that he really was hoping that I would have followed suit. I was reluctant.
I’m not really sure why I didn’t. I knew he would have liked me to, but it had a hold on me, and I really didn’t want to give it up. I knew deep down though, that he was right. So I asked him how long I should do. His response was at least a good solid month.
So today starts my journey of giving up Facebook yet again. It is silly that something as insignificant as a social media site can have such a hold on me, but sadly it does. I did, however, survive my first day! In fact, I actually really enjoyed it! I accomplished a lot 🙂
Today I finished a book that I was working on, took my kids to the library and played with them, had a nice nap, and spent the evening with a good friend of mine. I was able to focus on my children more and also blogged! So all in all, I feel like it was a great day!
Hopefully this time away will be a time of reflection and growth, and a time to accomplish those little things that always get put on the back burner! Well, I thought I would share my challenge with y’all, and hopefully I can try to update throughout the month on what I learn! Goodnight and God bless!






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