When did God’s Blessings become a Curse?

“And they blessed Rebekah, and said unto her, Thou art our sister, be thou the mother of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them.” Genesis 24:60
There was a time in history where children really were considered a blessing from The Lord. A time in fact, where the more children you had the more blessed you were. The Bible says that children and grandchildren are a crown to a father.
I know this passage sounds crazy right??? Who in there right mind would want thousands of millions of kiddos running around???? (Some of you at times may feel like you already have them! lol) but this was a for real prayer they prayed over Rebekah!!!
This passage speaks about her children possessing the gates of those which hate them, what does this mean exactly??? Well for one, they were going to take up the inheritance of Abraham who abided in a different country from his natives. I also believe it has a very real spiritual meaning behind it as well.
The Bible speaks of children as a “heritage of The Lord,” and as “arrows are in the hand of a mighty man.” (Psalm 127) think about it like this; We Christians are fighting a Spiritual battle with the Flesh and the Devil. When we play team sports it’s obvious that a team with more active players would be stronger right? That’s why we try to divide them up evenly. Well our Children are our team players, our rulers of our gate. They fight with us for Christ! They are given to us to help us fight off the devil.
When we think of our children in this light, (God’s light) it will really change us and how we view and raise them.
Do you think of your children as a blessing given to God to assist you in a Spiritual battle? Or do you think of them as an inconvenience or weight holding you back from God’s best??? How does your parenting reflect this??? Are you sending them off to be occupied by entertainment and such so that you can focus on the important things of life?? (Money, work, ministry….etc) Or are they right with you on the front lines helping you fight? (Learning and growing)
This is the foundation for some of our decisions we personally have made as parents. For example, the obvious, not to prevent God from blessing our family with however many children He desires. (We have chosen not to practice ANY form of birth control) This major decision (which we did not take lightly) as well as others, such as not owning a TV, dress standards, music standards, guarding who our children spend time with, and many other decisions as well.
I would like you to consider these things today. Have you slipped into the worlds mode of thinking? Are you viewing your children in light of God’s word or in light of your own feelings and desires? Turn your desires over to God and allow Him to bless you.



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