“Riches are not Forever.”

“Riches are not forever…” What a humbling thought!
What are your goats? What is it in your life that supplies all your needs? What are your blessings? What is God’s source of provision for your life?
My first thought is my husbands job, or any job in general. The Bible tells us to be diligent in our work, because we are not guaranteed to always have it. Perhaps God will supply our daily needs through mountains and valleys? Sometimes he supplies more than we need, and it’s at those times that we must store up for the times when those provisions are no longer there.
Another though that this passage provokes is to take nothing for granted. Appreciate the blessings God has placed in our lives today, because tomorrow they may no longer be there. To truly appreciate God’s blessings must take work and discipline, because God says to be diligent.
When we are diligent to take heed (truly appreciate them)to God’s provisions, He is then able to supply all our needs through them, whether emotionally, spiritually or physically. Don’t take God’s blessings for granted!
I know this post is sort of a ramble, but God put it on my heart as something to meditate on. I hope it is a blessing and very thought provoking to you as well! Enjoy life and God Bless!


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