I’ve Robbed Myself

This post is going to be about one specific topic. This topic is defined by the word “technology.”
I must warn you… This post is probably going to be very convicting, and may demand a life change, so if your ready for that possibility, read on.
My husband is a driver for a dry cleaning company, so he has a lot of extra time to listen to the radio. One morning while on his route, he stumbled upon a radio program that he became very interested in. This program is called “Family Life Today”. It is a program that discusses issues from a Christian perspective. One of their speakers is a lady by the name of Meg Meeker. She is a author of Christian books and a pediatrician.
One day on my way home from taking my husband to work, I decided to look this woman up on tune in and listen to a few of her sessions. I pulled up one called “the effects of technology on our teens.” As I listened I began to become very convicted.
It was not necessarily what she was talking about that got me, but just the topic in general. (Although her session was also very good, just not applicable just yet since I don’t have any teenagers.) what really got me was this thought.. “The impact technology has on our children,”
The Bible say to, “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6. The truth is that we train our children more by our actions than we do by our words. So what do your children see from you daily? If someone were to ask your children what was important to you, what would they say? Would they say things like- “My daddy loves to play video games.” Or “My mommy loves her phone.” Or even, “My parents just love to watch movies.”
I don’t know about you, but these words, when coming out of your child’s mouth just seem to pierce my heart. I would much rather hear- “My daddy loves God.” Or “My mommy loves spending time with me.” Or even “my parents love each other.”
As a teen growing up, there was one thing that I grew to despise, that was video games. Just about every guy I knew was a gamer, and pretty much all my boyfriends were. I hated how these games would steal their time and attention away from me. Also, I hated how these games changed the people I cared about. There was a time when even my mom became really hooked on a computer game. I remember being very jealous of these games. I swore to myself that I would never marry a gamer.
Well fast forward to today. I did not end up marrying a gamer after all. Although my husband did struggle with an addiction to video games as a kid, he overcame it when we were in college. We both have made some mutual decisions about technology, such as, we will not own a game system, and we do not have a television in our home. Although we have made these various decisions, there is one thing that we have aloud ourselves to own, and that is that we both own a smartphone.
For a long time we were set against social media, and mutually decided to delete our Facebook accounts. Although we had made this decision, I still found myself very drawn to social media and things like Pinterest. For a long time I had a big spiritual struggle over a site called “Baby Center.” After I had my first child, I found myself seeking out other moms my age, and I found this social interaction on this page. Over time I began to get very convicted about the time I spent on it though. I was on it every time I fed my baby and about every other opportunity I got. I started to go to all these other woman for advice, rather than godly women I knew or going directly to God. Also, I often found myself reading things I knew I should not even be reading. I eventually had to give this site up entirely. After that I was introduced to the site called “Pinterest.” This was a site where you pin things that interest you. I found lots of very helpful things on there like recipes and things. Although it was very helpful at times, it also became a bad thing for me because I once again found myself devoting a lot of my precious time to.
Recently my husband and I made a mutual decision to open a joint Facebook account. I once again became hooked.
Listening to this session really made me think about how I was impacting my children. I don’t want them to be pulled toward technology, and to get wrapped up in all the junk. I want them to be able to be wholeheartedly devoted to God. My actions though, are teaching them just the opposite. Sure, I know I’m not online looking at sinful things like pornography and such, but they don’t know that. What they do know is that having a smartphone is really cool, and that they want to be like mommy and daddy. They will grow up loving what we love.
I once heard a quote, I’m not sure where, but it was said that “true love is spelled T I M E.” That our love is defined by what we spend the most time on. The truth is that our children really feel this way. Is technology robbing you of the precious time God has given you? Better said, are you robbing yourself of God’s gift of time to be spent with the things and people we love? I was…


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