Hello world!

To start my blog, I will introduce myself and my family. My name is Sara Athey. I am 26 years old. I am married to an amazing man named Timothy and we have 2 beautiful children. Charity Rose was born May 27th 2011, and is a lively, bubbly, and energetic 20 month old. She is “big sister” to Josiah David who is a happy-go-lucky 6 month old baby born July 27th 2012.
Now I bet I know what you’re thinking, “they are pretty close in age.” Yes, this is true. One little fact about my husband and I. Before we were married we decided to allow God to be in control of our family planning and size. You are probably thinking that we are crazy right! That we will end up being the next Duggar family. Though this could be true, we are fully willing to take on this challenge if it be the Lord’s will.

Well, a little more about myself… I was born into a family with 4 children all raised up by my wonderful mom named Ruth. She unfortunately became a single mom very early on as she struggled to raise us the best way she knew how. Our home growing up was nothing less than what you would call a “broken home.” I will share more about ‘why?’ In my next entry. For now good bye! 🙂